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  1. Quick tips that I wanna submit.
    When dealing with polylines, holding CTRL + selecting one of more side of the polyline will allow the user to quickly modify these and leave the rest to follow the endpoints that are shared.
    I find it useful to shape my rectangles to the right “thickness” by selecting only one side, entering the “move” command and tracking from one point, inputting the desired “thickness” and then selecting the other side of the rectangle.
    It also works with a bunch of other commands.

    Also, CTRL + double clicking on a block attribute will skip the dialog box that pops up, and lets the user modify it as text within the drawing. Way faster.
    When I do want the dialog box to pop-up, I use CTRL + Enter to avoid having to click “OK”. (Note: this works with an english language keyboard setting, as I alternate between that and french a lot).



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