uClicky – The simple yet powerful automation tool

uClicky - The simple yet powerful automation tool
So, I was going to try to sell this software – but then I remembered how much I loved my HowToAutoCAD.com subscribers, so decided to give this away for free.

This is a simple little tool I’ve created for Windows – it’s not just for AutoCAD®, but it can be very useful for any tasks both AutoCAD® and non-AutoCAD® related. It’s called uClicky.

Basically uClicky allows you to write a sequence of actions to be carried out by your computer, such as moving the mouse, clicking mouse buttons and writing text. There are many functions available in uClicky, and the list of available functions is always expanding, as I think of new ideas.

So, if you had a spreadsheet of data and you want to loop through each row, copy and paste the data to some other window and then click a button, 1000 times, this is the tool for you!

Check it out – its neat. Or at least I think it is 🙂

Download uClicky Here for FREE!

Here’s a brief introduction to uClicky (annoyingly the mouse animations aren’t visible):

I’d love for this tool to go global – I think it has potential to do so due to its simplicity, and coding-style. So feel free to tell a friend about this great new free application that you can get – if you’re a blogger feel free to post about this, and if you’re not a blogger, just tell a friend!

That’s all for now,


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