HowToAutoCAD Competition

In the interest of trying to get as many top tips on as possible, I’ve decided to hold a competition, and there will be a cash prize for the winner in the amount of £25.

All you have to do is:

  • Think of your best AutoCAD® related tips and/or advice.
  • Write an article explaining your tip. Broadly speaking you’ll want to explain what your tip is, when and where it is useful, and why. But of course this is all part of the fun, and you are free to write the article as you wish.
  • Submit your article to me via email with a title (hopefully a nice catchy one, but that’s up to you of course)
  • Wait and see if you won, and then watch the cash and kudos roll in… 😀

It doesn’t have to be a 5,000 page thesis, but it doesn’t want to be one line either. Your article will not be judged on how long it is – more important than everything else is that it contains a great tip or piece of advice that others will find useful.

To enter, send your article to This will also indicate your acceptance of the competition terms and conditions. Your article will be reviewed, and may be selected for a post on If it gets posted, you’re one of the finalists! Get this far and you’re in with a chance to win the competition.

The final closing date for entries is 19th April. After this, the judging panel will decide on a winner, who will be announced on Friday 26th April.

I look forward to reading all your tips!