Free Download of AutoCAD® 2016

As they do every year, Autodesk are giving away their latest version of AutoCAD® for free. The download link is at the bottom of this page.

It’s free for a limited period of time though – 30 days. Still, this is more than enough time to get some basic work done or evaluate the software for future projects. Be careful modifying existing drawings – I do remember one occasion when I edited some vital drawings with a trial version and saved them, thinking nothing of it… only to find that I’d saved them in a new file format. When the trial duly expired, I was then stuck with no way to open the files!

Click here to download AutoCAD® 2014

Funny Autodesk errors

Hi everyone,

It has been a while, but I’m still here. I had to laugh the other day when I happened across this error:

A pointless error message saying Software Problem.

Not exactly the most useful message in the world! And, it’s not the first time I’ve had something like this either.

So, in the interest of a bit of friendly humour at the expense of the Autodesk software development team, I thought it might be fun to invite you to mail me your screenshots with things like this. I’ll turn this post into a hall of fame for the most pointless error messages you’ve ever seen from Autodesk….


P.S. If you want to write for my blog, get in touch. I’d welcome your input!

AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Survey Fix 2013 & 2014

Hi folks,

A number of you have asked for an updated version of my Survey Fixing utility for Civil 3D®. So due to popular demand, creating an updated version of this tool has become my top priority. I hope to get this out to you very shortly (tomorrow, if possible).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce a new project that I have been working on for over a year (woohoo, it’s close enough to being finished that I can mention it!).

It is… … … *drum-roll* …

A new programming language for AutoCAD!

I’ve called it CADBASIC. Its primary design goal from the very beginning has been to create a language that is extremely simple to use.

Because it’s my own proprietary language for AutoCAD®, I have complete control over the syntax of everything, which means if you want a new command or behaviour in the language, I can add it for you, in whatever crazy wacky syntax you like.

Here’s a teaser of the kind of thing I’ve been aiming for:


A basic example of a syntax that achieves more, with less code. Pretty trivial, but it’s only indicative of the type of thing I’m aiming for, and hopefully you’re all now intrigued 🙂

Release date: TBC…