Tips and Tricks

Block Attribute Shortcut

by Will on October 4, 2012

It is an every-day task to edit the attributes of a block. I’ve always just opened up the block attribute editor by simply double-clicking on the attribute that I want to edit.

However, Julien Chevrier has informed me of a very more

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CTRL Selecting Polylines

by Will on October 2, 2012

First and foremost – hello again! I’ve had a surge in subscribers over the last few months, so for all my new subscribers, welcome to

There are many reasons why lately I’ve been struggling to find time to add new content more

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Convert 3D Polyline to 2D Polyline

by Will on May 24, 2012

There are various polyline types in AutoCAD®, the most common of which is usually the LWPolyline (lightweight polyline). It can be confusing because the LWPolyline and the old Polyline entity used way back in the early days of AutoCAD® are more

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Oops, I deleted it again

by Will on May 16, 2012

We’ve all deleted stuff we didn’t want to, and you probably got it back by mashing the good old CTRL+Z key combo until you’ve got back the objects you deleted. This however undoes anything you did after deleting these objects. more

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XLine Find

by Will on April 12, 2012

This has happened to all of us – we get hold of (someone else’s) drawing, and their modelspace is littered with junk. Duplicate copies of the same thing all over the place, so that you can’t easily find the one more

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by Will on January 9, 2012

On with another quick-tip today. This is a command that it took me a while to realise how useful it truly is – SELECTSIMILAR.

One of the most fundamental tasks in AutoCAD® is creating your selection to manipulate. There are many more

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The LAYDEL Command

by Will on January 5, 2012

Firstly, many thanks to Mark Pettitt and John Coon for their first posts on A great start to something very positive and beneficial for all.

Secondly, I have a quick-tip for today. I literally used it under 5 minutes ago more

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Missing Setting Tab

by John Coon on January 3, 2012

Hello, this is my first post on  My name is John Coon.  I’ve been using AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® civil add-on products for some 25 years.   The firm I work for, Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc.  works on airport construction more

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Creating New Layers

by Mark Pettitt on December 14, 2011


Firstly, a note from Will:

A few days ago this post went out using the word “apostrophe”, when it should have said “comma”. In a word, oops. Give Mark a break – its a great tip, even if sometimes he confuses more

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Using XREFs and XREF Best Practice

by Will on October 25, 2011

XREFs can be an extremely helpful tool at your disposal when used well. However when used badly they can be a nightmare. In this article I am going to go through how to use XREFs and talk about some best more

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