System Variables

Identifying System Variable Differences

by Will on February 25, 2013


I’ve often been in a situation where a certain command or entity seems to behave differently in one drawing compared to another. Things such as how drawing units are handled are controlled on a drawing by drawing basis, by saving more

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The SKETCH command is one of those little known commands, but it really is a great command when you have the opportunity for some artistic license in your AutoCAD® drawings. You know when you have an irregular line to draw more

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I’m not one that likes to scroll horizontally – so my layer dialog box fills the whole screen so that I can see all the layer names and all the properties of the layer. Not surprising then that I’m not more

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When I first started using AutoCAD®, I was never a fan of having more than one drawing open at a time, because flipping between them was cumbersome. I’d have to go to the menu bar and select the Window drop-down, more

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FILEDIA System Variable

by Will on May 24, 2011

Quick one for today – the system variable FILEDIA.

I remember on more than one occasion when learning AutoCAD® tearing my hair out wondering why my SAVE dialog box had vanished, forcing me to input paths to the command more

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VISRETAIN – Xrefs not saving layer states

by Will on February 23, 2011

Chances are you have already come across this problem, and chances are you found out the solution. But this one can be a real puzzler and is too vital to omit.

Have you ever xreffed in a drawing, made lots of more

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Image Frames and Borders

by Will on January 20, 2011

So you’ve attached your image most likely using one of the following methods:

The IMAGEATTACH command Insert>Raster Image Reference Attach Image on the Xref dialog box Drag/Drop an imageĀ file from windows explorer

But now, with your image in your drawing, you’re getting a horrible border more

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About To Regen

by Will on December 7, 2010

If you ever get the “About to Regen, Ok or Cancel” message, it can be infuriating if you do not know how to turn it off.

So, here’s how – set the REGENAUTO system variable to ON.


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