AutoCAD® VB.NET Development Training Courses

The selection of training courses in AutoCAD® development is sparse at best, so if you’re looking for a training course in AutoCAD® VB.NET development, you’re probably going to struggle to find anyone that runs a course of this type, let alone one that is running in your area.

Many AutoCAD® training course providers allow you to have custom training courses tailored to your particular needs. With this in mind, many of these companies will be capable of providing the AutoCAD® development training you need, but will simply not have it listed as an available course.

So, if you’re looking for an AutoCAD® VB.NET development training course, contact your usual training course supplier (if you have one), and ask if they can tailor a course for you. If you don’t have a usual training provider, well, that’s what Google is for! You can even specify what particular aspects of development you’re interested in, or just have an overview of the capabilities.

An overview of capabilities is something I’d especially recommend for all the CAD Managers out there – get your minions working intelligently by automating menial tasks rather than blindly trudging through them. Doing so saves time, money, and headache!

Finally, I’ve thought about running my own course: An Introduction to VB.NET in AutoCAD®. I’d like to gauge the level of interest in both a face to face classroom based course, and some kind of online version – send an email to with your thoughts!