AutoCAD® – Quick Layer Toggling With LAYWALK

Sometimes, using the standard layer managers for quickly looking at what’s on a layer can be a pain, especially when you want to just quickly flick through them to look at the content of many layers. Thankfully (and as usual), there’s a neat little command to do the job. The command is LAYWALK, which brings up a little dialog box with a list of layers, and you can simply select whichever layers you want to view, and it automatically toggles their visibility.

LAYWALK dialog box
LAYWALK dialog box

Have a play – it’s really handy for flicking through. When the command completes, the layer states are nealy restored to what it was before running the command.

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  1. Hello, I have problem with this. The Layer walk dialog box is missing. FILEDIA and CMSDIA are set to 1.
    Can anyone help?

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