AutoCAD® 2013 Free Download

As with last year, Autodesk have kindly allowed us to download their latest version of AutoCAD® for free. Visit the download link at the end of this post to get your free copy of AutoCAD® 2013!

But as expected, it’s only free for a limited time. 30 days is your quota, but that’s certainly enough time to evaluate the new features that it contains.

Be careful to save your drawings using a version of AutoCAD® that you own, or you could end up in the unfortunate predicament I was in last year where I’d saved my work using an AutoCAD® trial, which of course expired leaving me with drawings I could no longer edit! Luckily I was due an upgrade anyway… but that’s a sure way to lose some work (or at least time spent recovering it!).

Click here to download AutoCAD® 2013


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