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Over the last few months I have been getting quite a lot of email, and there have been a fair few instances of support that have been very successful. Whilst this is great, nobody except me and the person I’m emailing are the beneficiaries of this support. Therefore, having these conversations publicly in a forum is preferrable, as it can potentially help others, and also gives the opportunity for others to help you too. Please do give the forum a go as I’ll be prowling them anyway. So the first and best way to get in touch with me for AutoCAD® help is to post on the new forum.

Of course you can still get in touch with me directly via email at, but I must warn you there is a small risk of your email falling into a swirling vortex-like abyss, never to be seen again. :-) If this happens, just ping me another and I’ll apologise profusely…

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