Free Download of AutoCAD® 2014

Hi all,

Autodesk have extended to us their usual kindness of downloading the latest version of AutoCAD® 2014, for free. The download link is at the bottom of this post.

But, as you’d expect, it’s free for 30 days only. A word of warning – if you decide to try it out, make sure that any files you work on get saved as the version of AutoCAD® that you have already – I made the mistake a few years back of upgrading to a trial version and saving my files as that version, only to later find that I could no longer work on them due to my trial licence expiring! Luckily I was due an upgrade anyway…

Click here to download AutoCAD® 2014


Speed up Trim and Extend

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had a quick tip forwarded to me for speeding up using the Trim and Extend commands.

To speed up Trim and Extend, edit the commands in the CUI to include a space and a semi colon and add them to the right click default shortcut menu:

^C^C_extend ;

This is quite a handy little tip, and I’m sure there are other useful commands we could add to the right click menu as well.

Many thanks to Neil Jones for sharing this with us.