The LAYMRG Command – Merging and Deleting Layers in AutoCAD

I was recently asked if there was a quick way to put all the objects on a certain layer onto another layer, which reminded me of this little beauty that you need to know about.

LAYMRG is a command for manipulating layers in AutoCAD®, and gives you the facility to merge two or more layers together so that the objects end up on the final target layer that you choose. The old layers that now contain no objects are removed, effectively merging the layers. Precisely what you’d expect from a command named LAYMRG…

Whilst this feature alone is very useful, this command can also be really helpful for getting rid of unwanted layers in your drawing. This has happened to all of us – you’re working away and there’s a layer in the drawing that refuses to allow you to delete it! Probably this is because it’s used within a block, or perhaps a block within a block, and it can be a real nightmare trying to identify where the offending object is that is using it.

A workaround to the problem is to just merge it with say layer 0, so that you get rid of the offending layer, and whatever was using it now is on Layer 0.

So that’s my piece for today – LAYMRG, a really useful tool you should remember!